• Gameguyz123

    Maintenance Notice

    April 2, 2014 by Gameguyz123

    Dear players,
    There will be some vital maintenance work performed on Magic Barrage on April 25, 2014. The maintenance work will take about 1 hour.
    In this version, we provide the remake of Guild System, and add Guild Celestialsaur and Guild Resource War. In addition, according to the players’ feedback, we provide some changes to the level 1-13 quests. Now you can know about more features of the game in a short time.


    • Deleted Beginner’s Stage
    • The new created characters can directly enter combat in the Greenland.
    • The entrances of Lake Hole, Ann Rola and Ayr Plain have been changed into chance to drop by killing the monsters in the Greenland.
    • Increased the difficulty of Lake Hole, Ann Rola and Ayr Plain. At most 10 players can enter these sta…

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