Brave duels is one of the Daily Activities where players fight each other in one vs one matches. Brave duels occur three times daily.

How it WorksEdit

Brave Duels last for half hour intervals.

First players must sign in and select the join button. Then the players are randomly matched to fight each other. Each match lasts one minute or until one player is dead. In matches where both players are AFK, the winner seems randomly determined.

After each match, reputation points and gold are awarded to both the winner and loser. The top three contestants appear on the board. To be on the board, a player must rank in the top three AND have a minimal of two consecutive wins. Ranking is based on the number of consecutive wins. At the end of a round of duels, the top three players are awarded an additional bonus of reputation points.

The matches are held on a small square map with a post in the center. The post produces rings of Status Effect Bubbles at regular intervals.


Brave Duels are one of the few activities to provide reputation points. They are awarded as follows:

Points How to earn

  2  Losing the match
  4  First Win
  6  2 Consecutive Wins
  8  3 Consecutive Wins
 10  4 Consecutive Wins
 15  5 or more Consecutive Wins
 20  3rd Place in Round
 30  2nd Place in Round
 50  1st Place in Round

A character cannot participate in more than 22 matches in a single round due to the amount of time it takes the algorithm to match players up. With this upper bound, a maximum of 298 reputation is possible from 22 consecutive wins. Including the 1st Place bonus brings the maximum up to 348 reputation in a single round.

Other NotesEdit

Simply hitting the join button qualifies for crossing "Duels" off of the Daily Guide, providing 10 points.